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Lukas the Trickster book
Lukas the Trickster book

Lukas the Trickster. Josh Reynolds

Lukas the Trickster

ISBN: 9781784967567 | 344 pages | 9 Mb

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Lukas the Trickster Josh Reynolds
Publisher: Games Workshop

Post with 16 votes and 1761 views. Now that I have my Lukas the Trickster mini painted up for me by PaintingXoan, it's time to look at getting him on the table. Reinforcements: Lukas the Trickster. Lukas the Trickster plays a dangerous game. This will be the first of his army to be painted and hopefully, a centerpiece he'll be proud to field! Well, he's not for my army, but he's reinforcing a friends! Buy Lukas the Trickster: Action Figures - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. With hordes of orks massing on Polix Tertius, he risks the ire of Wolf Lord Kjarl Grimblood, as well as the blades of his xenos foes… READ IT BECAUSE Even among the Space Wolves, Lukas the Trickster is a unique and unusual individual. Find Games Workshop lukas the trickster from a vast selection of 40K Miniatures. This guy was a friendly commission done up for an aspiring Space Wolf player. The first new Black Library e-short of 2017, Josh Reynolds' A Trick of the Light is his second story featuring Lukas the Trickster after the audio drama The Art of Provocation. Lukas the Trickster, also known as Lukas Strifeson, is an Astartes of the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines, a raucous and ebullient figure who defies the authority of his superiors just as willingly as he defies the enemies of the Chapter. By Lukas-the-Trickster on DeviantArt.

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